30-day photo challenge, day 1

I guess 'challenge' isn't the right word really, more of an inspiration: this is a list of photo idea prompts for the next 30 days, which I saw on Rinike's blog.

  1. Self-portrait
  2. What you wore
  3. Clouds
  4. Something green
  5. After dark
  6. Obsession
  7. Changes to come
  8. Routine
  9. Someone you love
  10. Childhood memory
  11. Something blue
  12. Sunset
  13. Cannot live without
  14. Eyes
  15. Silhouette
  16. A good habit
  17. Technology
  18. Your shoes
  19. Something you want
  20. In my bag
  21. Faceless self-portrait
  22. Inspirational
  23. Patterns
  24. Animal
  25. Strangers
  26. Close-up
  27. Celebration
  28. Flowers
  29. Black & white
  30. Self-portrait

I'll post the first picture today but after that, to avoid spamming the posts list I'll wait until each 5th day.

day one self-portrait

I recently found the battery charger for my Ricoh GR Digital III, and since I had the camera handy on my desk I figured I'd use it for today's picture. It is not ideally suited to portraits, self or otherwise.

I'll try to use it a bit more in the coming days and see if I have anything worth writing about a 7 year old camera. It's nice, though, except sometimes when I switch it off it makes a horrible buzzing/grinding noise and the lens fails to retract.

Kessingland, winter 2   ·   Southwold in winter