Overcoming Guild Wars 2 screenshot limitations

As mentioned in a previous post, I play Guild Wars 2, and like to take a lot of screenshots. The game client has a few annoying limitations though. First off, it can only output JPEG or Windows Bitmap (BMP) format; I've set it to BMP for highest quality, but Capture One 9, which I use for editing, doesn't support this format, necessitating a conversion to something more suitable. The second problem is that the client can only write 999 files to a single folder (named gw001.bmp ... gw999.bmp). When it gets to 999, it won't write any more, and »

JavaScript: getting started with RequireJS

Until recently, I'd mostly avoided RequireJS under the mistaken impression that it was overly complicated for my needs and only useful for large-scale applications. I was mistaken: it's actually a fairly straightforward thing that can work just fine for small apps, and more importantly it encourages an organised and structured approach to JavaScript code. The RequireJS documentation is not, in my opinion, super helpful for beginners. It feels like it's written for really smart people who can infer everything from minimal information, and doesn't do a great job of explaining the basic concepts behind RequireJS, AMD etc. Who knows, maybe »