Saturday 15th July 2017

Took these a while back when Zoe’s parents came to visit, and we had a walk around Norwich. For a change, I brought the 18-55 along instead of the usual 23/2 or 35/1.4. It worked out… ok, I guess? The convenience was nice, and if I don’t go pixel peeping, the sharpness is fine too. The bokeh was… not really a factor on this day, but I know for sure it can get weird at times. Still, there was one case where it turned out well:

out of focus bridge wires

Funnily enough, the foreground bokeh is pretty nice too, under the right circumstances:

blurred black and yellow tape in front of blue door

viewing holes in construction site wall

Hair & Hound, with hound

brolly in a bin

bricks in front of digger

workman behind partially demolished wall

man in yellow shirt in front of coffee van

man and boy in Thomson travel agents