Wednesday 21st of March 2018

A month ago, Zoe and I needed a break: work was stressing me out, and Zoe was having to take on all the housework duties. Since Emily was only 4 months old at the time, we didn’t want to go far, so settled on Great Yarmouth, since it’s only a short drive from where we live.

February is not exactly tourist season, what with the freezing wind and frequent gloomy wet weather, but the chance to relax and not worry about various housekeeping or work-related stuff was very pleasant. It also meant I got a lot of chances to take pictures, thankfully aided by the lovely shiny weather.

‘shocker chair’ attraction

coin push machines

chairs stacked against shop window

closed shops in shadow

people walking past the entrance to House of Wax

empty shop building

“quality” English leather belts

stools outside a café

downstairs clothes shop

The Troll Cart pub