Tuesday 19th of December 2017

I sleep too much, and poorly. I suspect the second thing is a result of the first, so I’ve resolved to try getting up earlier, since going to bed later isn’t really an option as it would disturb my wife and baby daughter too much.

contrails across the dawn sky

And so! Up before dawn, although since it’s winter that’s not saying much; the sun doesn’t rise until about half past 8. Still, it’s nice to be up earlier than usual, and especially nice to be out by the sea in the fresh cold morning air.

Pakefield beach just before sunrise

Pakefield beach isn’t very far – for future morning excursions I’ll try even earlier, and go further afield. Kind of a practice run, this one.

sheep in Pakefield Church graveyard

frosty path down to the beach

beach grass at sunrise

beach huts at dawn

rimed boat path and pebbles

rime-covered beach plants facing the dawn

crystals of ice covering a leaf

tufts of beach grass at dawn