Thursday 2nd of February 2023

Finally, the last month of 2019! As with the previous month, finding pictures wasn’t actually a struggle for a change; in fact I had to be quite selective to reduce the choice to just these ones. Even so, three of them are from the same morning fog adventure, and two are pictures I’d previously not really paid much attention to. It’s interesting what a fresh pair of eyes can reveal.

This image is the one I initially chose as best representing that day, but here I’ve cropped it to the ‘X-Pan’ aspect ratio of 65×24, which I’d never considered at the time but which I’m experimenting a lot of with lately.

beach sunrise on a foggy morning

These are the other two from that day that I now think are worth showing:

beach rocks at dawn

sunrise over the path down to the beach

This month was Emily’s first time on a train, which was very exciting, and unfortunately something we haven’t really done much of again.

Emily on the train to Norwich

flats and houses in Norwich

Although it’s dull and overcast more often than not in winter, when it does shine, the light is usually glorious, and I always like to have a ‘real’ camera on hand just in case. In 2019 that meant carrying my Fuji X-T2 around all the time, which was… doable, but not ideal; these days I’m more likely to have my Ricoh GRIII instead, which is much more convenient and every bit as good in terms of image quality.

shelter at the edge of Lowestoft beach

boats moored in Oulton Broad marina

Sunsets are cheating a bit, really – the sky’s doing all the work here and I just pointed my camera at it. Still pretty, though.

sunset over Hopton

Despite being the dead of winter, Emily of course still enjoyed going to the beach, though we managed to keep her dry and away from the sea.

Emily on the beach