Thursday 24th of November 2022

More fog this month, this time on a morning walk around Lound Lakes. While preparing the images for this post, I was inspired by a video I recently watched about the Hassleblad X-Pan/Fujifuilm TX-1, so decided to try cropping the images to that camera’s super wide 65×24 (1:2.7) aspect ratio. It’s certainly a challenge trying to find images to fit, as obviously none of them were shot with this in mind. Still, I found it gives a whole different feel to them – very cinematic, especially in early morning fog.

morning fog at the top of the hill at Lound Lakes

man walking his dog in the fog at Lound Lakes

It can also elevate pictures that would otherwise not be especially interesting, like this shot outside Felbrigg Hall – the weather was rather dull, but with the extreme wide composition I feel like the image comes across as somehow more meaningful.

bench outside Felbrigg Hall

I also went for a visit to Aldeburgh, a seaside village on the way to Ipswich. My main interest was the Martello tower, but I didn’t really get any good pictures of it. It was foggy on this day, too!

boats at Slaughden Sailing Club

This month was also the first time I went to explore Bluebell Woods, on the south-western edge of Gorleston. Naturally, because of the time of year there weren’t any actual bluebells, but it was a nice walk nonetheless. This shot is also a good illustration of how the wide format can make even a 14mm lens look almost normal – an elongated foreground seems to be a much stronger indication of ‘wide-angleness’ than stretched left and right edges.

sunrise through the trees in Bluebell Woods

Next up was a trip to Sea Palling, another seaside town, this time to the north of Yarmouth. It was a bit late in the day, and the sky was getting quite overcast, which ordinarily wouldn’t lead to nice pictures, but I think this new aspect ratio, combined with the Fuji Eterna profile, give things a kind of melancholy feel. And, as with the woods shot above, even though this one is at 21mm it feels like a much longer focal length in this aspect ratio.

sea wall on the beach at Sea Palling

And of course Em continued her attempts to make friends with the sea, regardless of temperature.

Zoe hoisting Emily away from the sea