Friday 25th of November 2022

Looking through my photo library, pictures from this month are mostly of Zoe and Emily – it seems I didn’t get out to do anything else very much. Still, you can never have enough pictures of your wife and daughter, so I’m not complaining :)

Even now, almost 4 years on, Em still loves going on the swings.

Emily on a swing

One of the few times I did go out and, more importantly, come back with worthwhile pictures, was a walk along Hopton seafront. The beach, the rocks, the sea, it’s endlessly fascinating to me.

digger tracks in the sand

rock pointing towards the sky

March tends to not offer great weather opportunities, but we did have a day out in Ipswich, and mostly just had dull, overcast weather instead of something less pleasant. This far removed I can’t even remember if there was a specific reason for going, or if we just decided on a whim. I can’t imagine Em enjoyed it all that much.

red ‘mural’ on a blue fence

blue girders on a yellow wall

chair outside an open doorway

Of course, we visited with my parents several times, and as I’ve mentioned before, it’s something I’ll always miss doing now that they’re gone :(

Zoe giving Emily a cuddle