Saturday 5th of November 2022

December is when winter really get stuck in, and offers frequent displays of soft, low sun. Despite this photographic bounty, December was a surprisingly low-output month for me; perhaps looking after a 1-year-old child took its toll.

early afternoon on Coast Road

It’s also a time of wrapping up warm when out and about.

shoppers at Norwich market

Emily wrapped up warm doing a superhero pose

The low sun also makes for plenty of interesting shadows and textures.

layers of paint and board, sidelit by the sun

white abandoned building with a brown door

light reflected off windows onto a stone wall

By December, the colour hasn’t quite left the foliage yet, but it’s getting there – only dried-up oranges and browns remain, and the grass, while still green, is often thin, patchy and muddy.

dried up orange leaves, backlit by the sun

sunrise over Hopton beach

And of course, December is every child’s favourite time of year: Christmas! Emily was only 1 year old at this point, so she didn’t really understand what was going on, but she certainly enjoyed getting thing ready.

Emily playing with the Christmas fairy lights