Saturday 5th of November 2022

After a period of laziness, I’ve resumed my lunchtime walks along the sea front, just in time for the weather to finally start turning cold! Luckily I recently got a new jacket, which has actually held off the cold rather too well, if I’m honest – by the time I get back I’m often sweating. Bodes well for when it gets really cold, though, and it’s an excellent jacket though, so I’m not complaining.

One of the best things about photographing in winter is that the best light happens at much more accessible times – getting up for a sunrise is much more palatable when it’s at 7:00 than when it’s at 4:00.

pretty morning sky by the Turnstone

Another aspect of winter, at least in England, is that the weather is very changeable: one day it’ll be dull and overcast, the next it’s bright and sunny with the occasional rain shower. Nice variety, but it makes planning for things a bit of a gamble.

coast path on an overcast day

mobility scooter by the beach on a sunny winter afternoon

You may have noticed (from the EXIF popup when you mouse over images) I used my Ricoh GR III for these pictures. It’s the ideal camera for this sort of casual walk: I don’t need to take my bag, I can just put the camera in my pocket when I’m not actively using it, and it hardly weighs anything. My X-Pro 3 is hardly enormous, especially compared to a full-frame camera, but the Ricoh is just on another level of convenient.