Thursday 29th of December 2016

As has been traditional, Zoe and I went to stay at her parents’ house this Christmas. As is also traditional, I managed to be ill for most of it, having caught a cold off Zoe and suffered rather worse from it than she did.

Still, I did manage to get out a couple of times to take some pictures in nice light.

West Kirby pictures taken with Zoe’s Fuji X-M1 and XC 16 – 50 because I forgot to bring my own camera.

giant baubles, Cheshire Oaks retail park

Zoe’s sister had a baby

Neston Methodist Church

barber pole with Santa hat

Heron Court, Parkgate

looking out across the River Dee from Parkgate

rusty bus shelter, West Kirby

sea wall, West Kirby

telescope by the beach at West Kirby

looking out over the mouth of the River Dee from West Kirby