Tuesday 16th December 2014

In case it’s not obvious from previous posts, I really like the photographic opportunities winter provides. At a latitude of around 52°, by mid-December there’s a mere 7 hours and 45 minutes of daylight, and the sun barely reaches 14° above the horizon, so shadows are long throughout the day.

tree shadows on a footpath

Lowestoft south beach promenad12:30, and the sun is at its highest point of the day.

sun behind a boat’s mastWith the sun so low, it’s hard to see to the south.

The long shadows are particularly good for bringing out the texture of things.

mound on pebble beachTracks created by a large earth-moving vehicle.

rope shadow on net

The low side lighting also creates strong geometric shapes.

side-lit pier supports

life buoy on sea wall

Sometimes the light adds even more mystery to an already odd scene.

shark in a café