Saturday 7th of September 2019

After the heatwave of the previous month, it was nice to enjoy more normal (for England) summer temperatures. One of the best things about our new house is how close it is to the sea; there’s a nice thirty-minute little circuit I can do daily on my lunch break to help clear my mind and get some exercise.

drain in the sea wall

My parents were also getting well settled into their new bungalow a short drive from us, and we started a tradition of visiting every Sunday for a nice lunch.

me and Em at my parents’ house

Since Zoe, being a teacher, was not required to be at school this month, we took a trip to visit her parents, stopping off at her sister Angie’s on the way.

Em making it quite clear she was not going to go to sleep in the cot

Em trying to grab the camera

While up in The North West, we visited a few nearby places. First was West Kirby, with its scenic walk around the marina, and Wales visible across the River Dee.

Alexandra Road, West Kirby

West Kirby marina

Next was New Brighton.

Liverpool docks seen across the River Mersey from New Brighton

Floral Pavilion Theatre, New Brighton

Lacy’s Bar, a derelict pub next to a thriving Wetherspoon’s

And finally we visited Parkgate, a little riverside village a short walk from Neston, and home to the famous Nicholls Ice Cream.

Little Tea House, Parkgate

a classic bus attracting attention

Finally it was back home, where the weather was starting to hint at autumn.

gated-off  section of coastal path

rainclouds behind the sunlit church ruins in Hopton

mobile home delivery truck leaving Hopton holiday village

This is the month where Em apparently developed her fascination with stones, and we also had a visit from Zoe’s parents and nieces.

Em playing with stones in our driveway

Lynne, Izzy and Gabby in the local arcade