Monday 4th of November 2019

September is when the Raveningham Country Fair takes place, so of course we took Em to see it. There’s lots to see — steam engines, birds of prey, arts and crafts, and classic cars.

steam engines at Raveningham Country Fair

bird of prey

Zoe and Em and a shiny rainbow unicorn

Since she’s quite mobile by this point, Em loves looking around the garden and garage. She obviously has no sense of self-preservation, so I’m always following her around and letting her explore her environment, ready to intervene if she, as entirely hypothetical examples, tries to climb a ladder or pick up a saw.

Em playing with a wine bottle holder in our garage

The weather was still comfortable enough that walks on the beach are plenty pleasant, and kneeling down to get awkward angles is not yet a recipe for cold wet knees.

weathered groyne beams and bolts

low angle view of beach rocks

September is also the month of the Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival. I’ve long had an affinity for the sea, so this kind of event definitely appeals to me. Unfortunately Em was still a bit too young to get much out of it this year, but Zoe and I had a good time, even if the day was cut a little short by the onset of rain, for which we were unprepared.

some flats in Yarmouth

RNLI crew and a ticket booth

ship boarding sign

mobile cinema

couple looking at the assorted pipework of a container ship

the bridge of the RV Triton

chairs along the sea wall next to RV Triton

fish and chip shop at Yarmouth market

Later that month I had to visit London for work, and although I always take my camera, the limited free time means I don’t often get many decent photos. This one turned out ok though I guess.

St Paul’s Cathedral

You can just feel the enthusiasm, can’t you? Anyway, with the later months comes the pretty winter light — soft and low, it makes for lovely calm pictures.

soft winter light on the beach