Sunday 16th of October 2022

It’s a little odd, writing this backlog post 4 years after the pictures were taken. At the time, I obviously had no idea what was to come: just a couple of years later, both my parents would die, only months apart, and then shortly after that, Zoe’s mum would also pass away.

These pictures are from a much happier time. It was Em’s first birthday, for one thing, and although she was obviously too young to really understand what was going on, we still enjoyed it.

me and Zoe helping Em open her first birthday presents

We could also visit my parents’ house every weekend, which sometimes seemed like a burden at the time, but now I miss it so much more than I can put into words. It remains a source of immense sadness that Em will not know them as she grows up.

Mum bouncing Em on her knee

Dad asking Em how she’s doing

Em using a glowstick to explore my parents’ house

October is also when the summer really packs its bags and heads south, leaving behind the admittedly wonderful (when you’re not driving towards it) low sun, and the side benefit of not having to get up at 04:00 to photograph the sunrise.

low sun on shiny metal pipes

Lowestoft beach, with a railing disappearing into the sand

soft autumn light on the rocks of Hopton beach

a windy day makes for big waves on Hopton beach

It’s also a time of more often overcast, dull weather, which is certainly a challenge to put to productive photographic use.

warning signs before the eroding cliff between Hopton and Corton

a large mushroom in the woods of Dunwich

I miss you, Mum and Dad :(

bare tree branch against the sky