Monday 17th October 2022

This month’s pictures are, in large part, brought to you by the colour grade called Heulandite, which goes all in on the cinematic teal-and-orange thing. Also featuring strongly this episode: the 23mm f/1.4.

beach rocks warning sign

sun shining through a lifeguard hut window

orange brick wall against a teal sky

It also makes reds to super saturated.

fire extinguishers on the back of a camp truck

CCTV camera on the front of a newsagent

the remains of a KEEP CLEAR sign, showing the old paint beneath

And best of all, it works magnificently on autumnal and sunrise/sunset pictures, the latter of which have this wonderful golden radiance, like something out of a mythical golden age long past.

rocks on Hopton beach at dawn

the gravel road leading to Lound Lakes

sunrise over the fields next to Lound Lakes

This one doesn’t use the Heulandite LUT, it uses Fuji’s Classic Negative film simulation, which kinda does the teal-and-orange thing, but to a much more subtle degree, and with more sensible reds, making it suitable for pictures of people.

Zoe and Emily in Starbucks in Lowestoft