Tuesday 18th of October 2022

A week or so ago I added the ability to switch themes to Velum, so you’re not stuck with the default light-background one (now called Topo). Since then I’ve been tweaking and fiddling, making sure each theme looks good at any reasonable screen size. Give them a try!

There’s also been quite a bit of under-the-hood work to allow for this functionality, as well as various readability and quality improvements to the code.

Next up I want to tackle images: how they’re uploaded, how they’re accessed from the editor, and so on, because at the moment Velum has no facilities for this: you have to do it externally, via FTP or SCP or something. This isn’t the end of the world, but it’d be nice to be able to do it from within the app, especially being able to insert image references into the editor just by clicking them or dragging and dropping from Explorer, Finder, etc.

Honestly, the actual mechanics of all this is quite easy to envisage; I have a pretty good idea of how I’d implement it all. The bit I’m really stuck on is the UI, i.e. how to lay it out in the Admin page. I’m also really considering whether or not to use something like React, Svelte or Vue, since by this point the Admin page is becoming more of a single-page app than a simple document.

I think once I’ve added the image stuff, and added a way to manage comments, Velum will finally be deserving of a 1.0 version number, and I’ll be ready to tell the world (well, a very small subset of it).