Wednesday 6th of December 2017

It’s been a while since I read Koudelka’s Gypsies, but it’s got me thinking: all my complaining about the Fuji 23mm f/2 seems a bit photo-nerdery in the face of the grainy, dark, often blurry pictures in this book. Pictures that work just fine, and in fact are entirely appropriate for the subject matter.

So here’s me trying to emulate Koudelka’s style, or at least the superficial look of the pictures I’ve seen, albeit sans grain – I’m using a digital camera, after all, not ISO 3200 film; I feel (somewhat arbitrarily, I’ll admit) that adjusting tonality is on the OK side of the processing line, whereas artificial grain steps over it.

Most of these are processed in Capture One using a monochrome preset I’ve put together that attempts to emulate Fuji’s Across+Y in-camera processing set to +4 shadows and −2 highlights. A couple of them are JPEGs right from the camera, because they looked better than I could make the raw files.

Emily in her basket

Zoe holding Emily

Emily looking skeptically at the camera

Emily sitting on my lap

Emily looking off to the side

Emily cuddling on my lap

Emily about to sneeze, with Tabbster Cat in the background

Emily held aloft