Wednesday 1st April 2015

I’m really starting to enjoy using this camera and lens combo now, and more importantly it feels just as comfortable and familiar as my X100 did after a year of use. I no longer feel constrained by the 50mm-e field of view; instead I’m simply accustomed to it and am able to recognise or dismiss potential scenes accordingly. The lens itself is not much of an issue either: for the type of shooting I do, I don’t feel particularly limited by it or the X-E1. Neither is particularly fast, and the camera’s viewfinder is kinda small, but they do the job competently, and in terms of image quality, excellently. The only thing that bugs me a bit is how slippery to the thumb the exposure compensation dial is. Basically, I feel no desire to upgrade (that said, the new 35mm f/2 does appeal to me a little for its smaller size and weight).

So at least in that respect, I’d say this project is a success so far, but of course it’s only week eleven of fifty-two. By the end of my year perhaps I’ll look back on this post and be shocked at how much progress I’ve made, artistically and photographically. Or perhaps I’ll look back and see that nothing’s changed. I hope it’s the former.

telegraph and clouds telegraph and clouds

wallpaper shadows wallpaper shadows

light switch light switch

hosen hosen

South Pier building South Pier building

hail wipe hail wipe

sunset stormcloud sunset stormcloud