Tuesday 7th of April 2015

This week was a nice change of pace as we went up to see Zoe’s parents for Easter. It’s been just about a year since we were last in the North West, and although I don’t really miss it, it was interesting to go back and see what, if anything, had changed (not much, it turns out).

I also finally got my bike, which I’d left in the old house in Liverpool and had been meaning to get back ever since we moved down to Lowestoft. It needs new tyres and innertubes, and a good clean, but once it’s fixed up it’ll be nice to venture a bit further afield than I can on foot. Norfolk and Suffolk are pretty flat, which is good for cycling, but does make it a little more challenging to get good landscape photos. It might be a case of having to aim for something more subdued than majestic.

dewheeled dewheeled

tyres tyres

Old Quay The Old Quay

bare trees bare trees

The Brown Horse pub The Brown Horse

Nicholls Ice Cream Nicholls

service station restaurant service station restaurant