Tuesday 3rd of January 2023

This was a strange one. When I adjusted my saved search filter in Capture One to show this month’s pictures, and saw over 500 of them, I was surprised and quite pleased. Perhaps this month I’d have to struggle to narrow down my choice to a reasonable amount of pictures?

Nope. Turns out the vast majority of them are pictures of Emily. Don’t get me wrong, they’re adorable, because she’s adorable, but as I’ve already mentioned in previous posts, I can’t really fill this backlog with just pictures of her, as that’d get old real quick.

Still, I couldn’t help but include at least a couple.

Emily splashing in a puddle

As for other material, my travels that month were limited – walks around the village, a couple of trips to Yarmouth, and a few visits to my parents.

double rainbow over ruined church

ice cream van repair garage

One of the Yarmouth trips was to see the Maritime Festival, which you’d think would be a great place to get pictures, but either I was really not feeling it that day, or Em was being difficult, and as a result I shot hardly anything of note. I mean, I got more interesting pictures just from wandering around Yarmouth town than I did at the festival.

man on a boat beneath a Dutch flag

owl clock and other things on the wall of my parents’ kitchen

Em licking the spatula while we were making cake