Saturday 26th May 2018

Another post with pictures from long after I made them! Getting to be a habit, although I’m not completely sure it’s a bad one: letting the pictures stew for a bit blurs the experience of when I took them, forcing me to see them for what they are in themselves, uncoloured by my memories of the time.

I’m mostly serious, but it’s still partly an excuse for not updating my blog.

Anyway. Carlton Marshes, the nature reserve a short way from our house. It’s big and flat and full of fields and, er, marshes. Nice place for a walk, even in weather like this – it was even flat and dry enough (more or less) when we went that pushing the pram around wasn’t too much of a chore. Only had to carry it over mud a couple of times.

swan on the water

marsh reeds against the grey sky

path vanishing into fog

birdwatchers hoping to see an American Bittern

bridge over drainage ditch

waterway vanishing into fog

reflections on a lake

white flowers on the bank of a waterway

dewy-covered spider webs

bare tree branch against the grey sky before a bend in a waterway