Sunday 6th of July 2014

My fiancée Zoe and I moved house recently, to Carlton Colville, a small suburb south of Lowestoft, and one of the nicest things about it is that it’s only a short walk to the beach in nearby Pakefield.

view south along Pakefield beachThe view south along Pakefield beach

me on the steps down to Pakefield beachZoe took this picture of me on the steps down to Pakefield beach

The beach is very well-maintained, qualifying for a Blue Flag, and as part of that, dogs are not allowed on it during the peak tourist season.

sign alerting visitors to Pakefield beach about the rules concerning dogs

painted sign alerting visitors about the rules concerning dogs on Pakefiled beachIn case you miss the other sign

Cycling is also prohibited on the promenade (and presumably the beach).

‘No cycling’ signThere must be some daring cyclists around here

Fortunately for cyclists, there is a path higher up for their use.

upper promenade cycle path

The upper promenade also offers a nice alternative view of the beach.

looking down on Pakefield beach

Being on the east coast, there’s no chance of any ‘sunset over the water’ photos, but the evenings still often present other opportunities.

evening sky over Pakefield