Saturday 27th of August 2016

Recently a kind soul replicated Fuji’s lovely JPEG film simulations as Capture One colour profiles, and the results are magnificent. This further means I now have access to a very close approximation of Classic Chrome, which my X-E1 can’t otherwise simulate. I’d tried it out a few times this past week but nothing really seemed to work that well with it.

Until tonight. I was idly fiddling about with sliders in Capture One when I had an idea to make a more ‘film-like’ Classic Chrome preset, with grain, coarse sharpening, and no light falloff correction. I somewhat randomly picked my ‘Bloodmoor Hill’ album to test it on and dang, the very first picture I tried hit something in me, causing pangs of nostalgia for… something? I really don’t know; perhaps a longing for winter to return, dreary as it often is? But oh, the light when it does shine, it’s glorious! There’s honestly nothing else like a crisp, shiny winter morning.

frozen track in mud alongside footpath

man walking dog

orange football

orange berry bush

backlit trees

metal bench in shade

patchy ice in grass