Sunday 4th September 2016

I remember reading many years ago about a book called Boring Postcards. It’s just a collection of postcards assembled by Martin Parr that are all, well, boring: pictures of car parks, office receptions, bus terminals, that sort of thing.

It’s fascinating! At first it’s just amusing how ridiculous the idea is, but it gets you wondering: why do these things even exist? Who thought it anybody would buy a postcard depicting a brutalist office building in a city centre?

Anyway, the pictures kind of resonated with me for another reason: I feel like many of my pictures are… a bit boring? But strangely enough, I still like them, and I don’t really know why, and I still keep making more of them. I also have been steadily overcoming my aversion to Mr Parr, to the extent that I think I’d probably actually enjoy his work now (I should get some books of his to be sure).

(getting a 23mm lens will not do anything to make my pictures more exciting; quite the opposite, I imagine)

So yeah. Here’s some boring pictures of Norwich:

raised building

old stone wall

small parking garage

garage office

graffiti on church wall

garage doors