Monday 19th of September 2016

This weekend we visited the Peak District to meet some friends, and while the weather forecast predicted “mostly cloudy”, we were very fortunate to actually get “mostly sunny”. On Saturday we hiked up Mam Tor.

I took three Fuji lenses: the 14mm, the 35mm f/1.4 and the 60mm macro. The 60 certainly got the most use here, which didn’t surprise me – it’s a natural fit to my preference for ‘abstract’ images, I think. The 14 was second, although not represented so much here. Last was the 35, which again wasn’t too surprising – this sort of terrain seems to be about either telephoto or very wide, with not much in between. Perhaps if it’d been my only lens I could have made it work, but the other two lenses just seemed like better options most of the time.

It was a little cumbersome swapping lenses a lot, but I think the benefits – better image quality, more flexible aperture choice and, in the case of the 14mm, more wideness – offset this.

Mam Tor ridgeline 1

muddy stream

Mam Tor ridgeline 2

Mam Tor ridgeline 3

View down from half way up Mam Tor

winding hill path

Mam Tor ridge path


flats and valleys