[WoW] Field Photographer: Pandaria, Outland and Draenor

The final part! Part one: Eastern Kingdoms, and part two: Kalimdor and Northrend, were quite a bit longer than this one, since there's only ten pictures for these three maps combined. Seems a bit odd really that there aren't more Draenor locations in particular, given that the achievement itself is part of the expansion. At some point next week I might also write a brief post about how I edited the photos to make them more appealing (compare the Mount Neverest picture below with the unedited version, for example). Pandaria Mount Neverest Sunsong Ranch, looking not very sunny Turtle Beach »

[WoW] Ups and downs of scaling

As suggested by a recent leak, the next World of Warcraft expansion may introduce level scaling, similar to how Guild Wars 2 does it. The basic idea is that when you enter a zone or instance, your level and gear are scaled down to the maximum for that place, making much more challenging than it’d otherwise be. Up There are a few positives to scaling, based on experience with the system in GW2. First off, it makes old content ‘relevant’ – raids, in particular, become much more interesting when they’re more or less the same difficulty as current content; »