Sunday 4th of October 2015

Thirty! It seems like the end is in sight now, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s been an interesting experience being limited to one (ish) lens for so long, and having that restraint lifted… well, I’m looking forward to it if nothing else because it’ll be something new. Will I start using my 18 – 55mm lens more again? Maybe. As much as I started out not feeling all that comfortable with the 35mm, by now it fits much better in my mind, and although I still treat it too much like an inadequate telephoto, I’m at least fairly confident when I raise the camera to my eye that I’ll get the field of view I was expecting, something I still can’t claim with the 14mm; maybe I need to spend a year with a superwide? Ha ha j/k maybe.

Maybe I’ll get the 60mm, actually. Zoe certainly has taken to macro photography despite the limitations of the janky old Pentax screw-fit lens she’s using; the Fuji 60mm would be an improvement in terms of convenience and weight, and it’d be nice to have a relatively fast medium telephoto.

Anyway, all is speculation until the end of week 52 comes, so here’s the pictures from week T −12.

car park sign car park sign

sunbeams over Oulton Broad sunbeams over Oulton Broad

path through Nicholas Everitt Park path through Nicholas Everitt Park

evening canal by Oulton Broad evening canal near Oulton Broad

colourful abandoned caravans in a field colourful caravans in a field

‘no fishing’ sign ‘no fishing’ sign

inverted reflection of a boat inverted boat reflection

evening sun shining through the branches of a tree evening tree