Sunday 20th of October 2013

Heirlooms are pretty great if you just want to get from 1 – 90 as fast as possible. There are two problems with being decked out in a full set of standard heirlooms, though:

  1. You look like everyone else in them. And worse than that, I kinda think the heirlooms are ugly as hell.

  2. You make new tanks/healers nervous. You see, heirloom gear is kinda overpowered, and many folks let this go to their heads, assuming they can take on an entire dungeon by themselves. So they pull. And pull, and pull and pull and pull, usually before the tank can. I swear, the number one thing that raised my blood pressure when levelling a tank, before we’d even hit the first mob, was seeing a loomed caster.

So, levelling my warlock and not wanting to be just another face in the crowd, but also not wanting to end up on anyone’s ignore list, I took some measures to ensure I made the right first impression.

My fabulous mog

Pretty damn sexy, I’m sure you’ll agree.