Afraid of the dark

The monochrome preset I usually use for my raw files in Capture One has a small amount of shadow boost applied, and I tend to increase it even more when there are large dark areas in an image. As I mentioned in a previous post, though, darkness isn't really a bad thing in pictures, depending on the feeling one is trying to evoke. Certainly for these pictures, taken on a dull overcast winter afternoon, the tonality conveys well the way I saw things at the time. The pictures are the output from Fuji's new X Raw Studio application, which uses »

Fog at Night

Fog has always fascinated me – the way it makes things look is obviously different, but also the way it mutes sounds, and disorients the senses. At night time these effects are amplified further, with large patches of grey that fade out into unknown darkness. Odd shadow below a lamp post Fog is great for light rays The street lights look almost like UFOs »