Saturday 13th of January 2018

As is common this time of year, the sky was quite heavily overcast. Despite the gloom, Zoe and I and my parents went to Norwich, primarily to look at beds for my parents’ new house, but we also went for lunch at Giraffe. We took Em, who was again remarkably well-behaved despite the usual initial upset when we, big meanies that we are, put her in the car seat. Gosh she doesn’t like being put in the car seat! And yet, once we’re under way everything’s fine again unless we stop for too long.

Emily in the car seat

Dark weather, dark pictures: I’m continuing my attempt to get over my aversion to large, dark shadowed areas in pictures. I think it’s working – in many of these pictures the shadows have plenty of detail available to recover from the raw file, but these out-of-camera JPEGs work well already.

Took the Fuji 27mm f/2.8 pancake out today. I love how tiny and light it is, yet image quality is generally really good. Lack of aperture ring still feels awkward though.

ceiling lights in Giraffe restaurant

shiny exterior doorknobs

vegetarian health food shop

boarded-up broken window and ‘Anon’ graffiti

Rose Lane car park exit

my parents