Tuesday 27th of January 2015

This week was a mix of clear skies and bright winter sun, and dull overcast days where it was a struggle to find anything interesting to shoot.

I’m quite pleased with my efforts to consistently go for reasonably long walks (at least 30 minutes) every day, one of which was after sunset – I think in the future I’ll try to get more pictures at night, to explore the possibilities.

abandoned deliveryabandoned delivery

bird bathbird bath

fence postfence post

Lowestoft inner harbourLowestoft inner harbour

beach path at nightbeach path at night

abandoned factorythis picture, and the ‘bird bath’ and fence post pictures above, are all from the area around the abandoned Zephyr Cams factory in south Lowestoft

secluded substationsecluded substation

I think it’s too early to say yet if a particular style is emerging here, although certainly I recognise in the pictures a lot of my own photographic interests – abandoned, derelict places, harsh and contrasty light, a preference for things not traditionally considered picturesque.