Tuesday 3rd of February 2015

Gosh what an uninspiring week! Perhaps it’s just the initial excitement of starting a New Project wearing off, or perhaps lack of sleep, but this week I really struggled to find motiviation, and on a couple of days didn’t even bother to get out of the house for a walk.

Sidenote: I’m still using Capture One 8 for my pictures, but I’m trying out Robert Boyer’s B&W film presets, specifically Tri-X and Tri-X +2. Not sure this week’s pictures really do the presets justice, although I do like the more contrasty shadows based on what I’ve seen so far.

heavy rain in the gardenheavy rain in the garden

crust of snowcrust of snow

fish vanfish van

snow on windscreensnow on the windscreen

Asda trolleysAsda trolleys


wavy wallwavy wall