Sunday 23rd of August 2015

I’m wavering.

Black and white, or colour? I can’t settle on one, I like both. I think it’s the weather – shiny days make me want to capture in colour, and the weather represented by this week’s pictures is certainly sunny (and for walking around Ipswich, sometimes uncomfortably so).

Although I did a bit of shooting during the week, none of it resulted in much of interest, so all of these pictures are from Friday evening, at Oulton Broad (I also took the Fuji 14mm on this trip, which is where the last picture is from) and Saturday in Ipswich, where Zoe and I went for the first time. It’s quite a nice place, with the feel of a large town more than a city. And as I mentioned, it was really hot, and my new sandals were giving me blisters, so we didn’t really spend all that much time there unfortunately.

On with the show!

boat on Oulton Broad boat on Oulton Broad

shiny leaves shiny leaves

bridge boat light bridge boat light

drainpipe drainpipe

statue statue

Buttermarket shopping centre Buttermarket shopping centre

pond in Christchurch Park pond in Christchurch park

life ring at Oulton Broad life ring at Oulton Broad