Tuesday 14th of April 2015

As I mentioned previously, I’ve decided to try colour, as I felt that it’s a better fit for both the season and my mood lately.

It’s harder than I thought it’d be. Shooting just in black and white for so long, I’ve become used to looking for shapes, patterns and tones, but now I have to do all of that plus ensure the colours are good too. I’m not sure I’ve been entirely successful so far, but it’s been an interesting challenge regardless, and I certainly want to continue.

I’m pleased, too, with the Capture One preset I’ve chosen, as although it’s quite tricky to get right (and often requires heavy use of the HDR Shadow slider), the results have a look a really like: contrasty, saturated, and somewhat nostalgic.

fog lights fog lights

blind silhouette blind silhouette

footpath footpath

chair back chair back

recycle recycle

sunset beach suntouched beach

beach huts beach huts