Now using Disqus comments

Adobe bought out LiveFyre and shut down the comments system for personal blogs, which is a shame because LiveFyre was a fairly good fit for commenting on this site. It had its issues – the admin interface was terrible and never worked properly – but it loaded right onto the page, not in an iframe, meaning I could use CSS to have full control over the look of the comments. Alas, Disqus loads into an iframe, so I'm stuck using their standard appearance. It's not terrible, it's just a bit different, and that's with my blog's fairly standard black-on-white theme. One day »

[blog] Comments: Disqus vs others

Since Ghost doesn’t (and won’t, by design) have a native commenting system, it’s up to the blog owner to use one of the various third-party systems (or roll their own). I’d initially decided to try Disqus since it has a few nice features: It allows anonymous comments: for a small-time blog like mine, there needs to be as little friction as possible if someone wants to respond. It’s easy to integrate: you just sign up with them, then add a single line of HTML to your blog’s template. Lots of notification and admin options: »

Adding typographic quotes to Ghost

As I write this, Ghost is at version 0.4.1 and does not include the ability to convert straight ' and " quotes to their proper typographic equivalents of ‘ ’ and “ ”, nor does it convert hyphens into en– or em— dashes. Since I'd fiddled with an automatic converter for another project that also used the Showdown converter, I decided to try adding it to Ghost. It wasn't as straightforward as I expected, but even so it's not super complicated. Back up! Just in case something goes wrong, make a copy of any file you edit! So warned, let's begin. The »