Hugin for panoramas: GW2 edition

A long while back I wrote a guide to using the free panorama software Hugin with World of Warcraft screenshots. This guide is basically just an updated version of that, only using Guild Wars 2 as the screenshot source since I don't play WoW any more. Get Hugin Hugin can be downloaded from its SourceForge page: Install it in the usual manner - the default options are fine. Take some screenshots Naturally you'll want your graphics settings on the highest, even if you don't normally play that way. You should also turn »

[WoW] Tracking Buff Power With WeakAuras2 Progress Bars

NOTE: this was written in 2015, so it's probably out of date now. Several classes in World of Warcraft have a buff or debuff they can apply, of which it would be useful to know the power. For example, fire mages have their Ignite debuff, which determines how much damage Combustion will do when cast, so it's important to keep track of the current Ignite damage in order to make best use of Combustion. Possibly there are dedicated addons for tracking this, but I'd already done some experimenting with WeakAuras2 anyway on my blood spec death knight, to track Blood »

[photography] DPI is easy

Really it is, and yet I see so many people get confused about the concept. In a way it’s understandable, given the amount of misinformation out there, so here’s my attempt to explain it as simply as possible. DPI is about physical size This is the essential detail. Everything else stems from this, the concept of physical dimensions. It’s part of the name: dots per inch. A digital image can’t have its dimensions measured in inches or millimetres, since it’s literally just a list of numbers. How many inches wide is a 16 megapixel image? »

[WoW] Guide: using Hugin for panoramic screenshots

Quick link: Hugin Panoramas are cool -- they show a much wider/taller view than it's possible to capture in one shot, and do so in a way that doesn't have the same weird rectilinear or fisheye distortion you get from regular wideangle or fisheye lenses. Here's an example of what I mean: If you actually go to the instance and stand in the same spot, you'll notice right away that the view isn't nearly as wide as this. Here's another example: Again, if you go here, you'll find that you can you can only see around one third of »