Hugin for panoramas: GW2 edition

A long while back I wrote a guide to using the free panorama software Hugin with World of Warcraft screenshots. This guide is basically just an updated version of that, only using Guild Wars 2 as the screenshot source since I don't play WoW any more. Get Hugin Hugin can be downloaded from its SourceForge page: Install it in the usual manner - the default options are fine. Take some screenshots Naturally you'll want your graphics settings on the highest, even if you don't normally play that way. You should also turn »

A side-blog

I've posted some Guild Wars 2-related things here before, but mostly this is a place for my photography and sometimes software dev stuff, so I've avoided posting too much GW2 things here. Up til now this has meant I've just not posted GW2 things anywhere, but after some prompting I've set up a Tumblr: It's basically just a place I can post the hundreds of screenshots I have of this game. »

Documentary photography in Tyria

A series of pictures using screenshots from the game Guild Wars 2 as their base, processed to look like grainy black and white film photos. Ash Tribune quarters, Black Citadel Breachwater Lake, Diessa Plateau Dreamdark Enclave, Caledon Forest Monument Grounds, Blazeridge Steppes Pyrite Peninsula, Malchor's Leap Ruins of Rin, Black Citadel ruins of the Cathedral of Zephyrs, Malchor's Leap Sentinel stronghold at Tenaebron Lake, Fields of Ruin Gillfarn Pond, Fields of Ruin »

[WoW] Walls of text

World of Warcraft is a complicated game. The Godmother’s recent post on the matter, and specifically on ways to improve the in-game ‘player education’ aspect of it, comes just as Bhagpuss published a post on a similar topic, that of how newbie-friendly the game is. Both posts shine a light on the unfortunate fact that honestly, WoW doesn’t do much within itself to guide new players, or veteral players facing new content. Sure, it’s improved over the years, and things like the new talents system mean fewer objectively bad decisions can be made out of understandable ignorance, »