Thursday 8th of December 2022

Yeesh! If I thought last month was photographically sparse, this month was even worse. It appears I only took about 170 pictures across the entire month, and big chunks of those were just minor variations on a single subject – in effect I only had about 5 ‘sessions’ to pick from.

First up, attempts at self-portraits with a 21mm-e lens. Very natural, I’m sure you’ll agree. Albeit not focused on the eyeball like I’d hoped.

self-portrait with an ultrawide lens

Unsurprisingly, a large percentage of the pictures were of Emily, being the photogenic little monster she is.

Emily playing thoughtfully with a sand/water toy

Emily examining the contents of my wallet

Zoe assisting Emily walking along a wall

And finally, some ‘detail’ shots: things I happened across with interesting textures, shapes or colous.

multiple layers of flaking paint on a wooden door

flaking top of a life buoy station

And that’s lot for this month; hopefully June was more productive.