Saturday 20th April 2019

June feels simultaneously yesterday and years ago. A lot has changed, not least of all Emily, who back then couldn’t even crawl. We were also still living in a rented house, too, which we knew wouldn’t be enough now that we had Em; plans were in motion, though: we’d decided on our new house and were in the (long, long) process of buying it.

Emily trying to undo Zoe’s shoes

Normanston Park

pipes near Lowestoft docks

bright girders

rusty wheelbarrow

duck by Leathes Ham nature reserve, Lowestoft

graffiti on a footbridge support

Pitstop Cafe ‘open’ sign

fish market, Lowestoft

commercial parking bays, Lowestoft

Emily enjoying a snack at a cafe

evening at Outney Meadow, Bungay

evening sun shining through blinds

car parked outside St Peter’s Church, Notting Hill, London

man in a red t-shirt in a patch of sunlight

Emily in the new house