Tuesday 14th of February 2017

Yet more nice weather! Perhaps the atmosphere will be kind for this whole week while I’m off work?

Once again I wanted to go out somewhere today and make the most of the shine, and so: Burgh Castle. I’ve been here before with Zoe but that was a long time ago and I don’t even know if I posted the pictures here (if I did, I didn’t tag the post properly, oops). It’s an ancient Roman fort, or rather the remains thereof, and is located a few miles west of Great Yarmouth.

Since it overlooks the River Waveney to the west, it’s a particularly good place to visit in the late afternoon, as the setting sun does lovely things to the scenery.

Castle walk sign

‘Burgh Castle’ is also the name of the parish here, and of course has a church, built in medieval times.

Burgh Castle church building

bench and gravestones in church grounds

gravestones in church grounds

sign indicating direction to the fort

The area has a lot of wide open spaces, and the paths are well-worn.

grassland to the east of the fort

footpath to the fort

Pretty much all that remains of the fort is the outer walls, but they are still quite imposing.

eastern wall of the fort

wall sections lit orange by the setting sun

dog peering over the moat next to a section of wall

steps leading up to a high point on the wall

view south across the inside of the fort

The view west from the fort is very pretty, especially at this time of day.

a windmill in the distance to the west

speed limit sign on the River Waveney

setting sun between two sections of fort wall

X-T2, 14/2.8, 35/1.4 and XC 50-230 (not a great lens optically, but it’s small and lightweight)