Monday 1st of May 2017

Not an especially aesthetically appealing day today, weather-wise, but I felt like going for a walk regardless. It’s good to get out of the house now and then, get some fresh air.

waves crashing over a groyne

So, I headed out to Gunton, in the northern part of Lowestoft, starting near the North Denes caravan park. Along the seafront here there are lots of chunks of brick and concrete to break up the waves before they hit the sea wall.

waves crashing over chunks of concrete

Further north the sea wall stops and there is just grassland and beach. And also a dead seal :(

dead seal on the beach

The grassland is popular with dog walkers, and there’s lots of nice twisty paths and colourful yellow flowers.

yellow flowers on a bush in the beach grass

sandy beach paths

Unfortunately there was a fire on the grassland not so long ago, leaving a significant chunk of the hillside bare and charred.

burt hillside and unburnt bushes

burnt bush trunks and branches

burnt land beyond a burnt bush

burnt bush with the sea behind

burnt grass stems

Despite the recency of the burning, new life is gaining a foothold.

new shoots rising from burnt ground