Monday 1st May 2017

And so we come to the final day. Indulging in an abundance of caution, we decided not to go anywhere further than walking distance away, lest we be late for our flight home. Even though the flight wasn’t until 8 in the evening, we still felt it prudent to arrive several hours early, even if it meant sitting in the departure lounge reading to pass the time.

Still! That doesn’t mean we didn’t go anywhere – we had a nice stroll around Birzebbuga since it was a nice day.

corner of Triq San Frangisk Saverju

red car parked outside butcher’s shop

broken concrete gatepost and rusty fence

red, yellow and blue benches

derelict cinema building

quad bike with purple cover

Several hours of sitting around waiting, our plane was ready, and we were on our way home from what was a thoroughly enjoyable and much-needed holiday. As I mentioned in the first entry, I’ll have more to say about the Fuji X-T2 and 14/2.8, 23/2 and 60/2.4 in the context holiday photography in the near future.

our plane home, waiting on the tarmac