Thursday 20th of April 2017

Il-waqfa li ymiss: Rabat, and thence Mdina. Eventually, at least – we got a bit lost in Rabat as a result of my not-very-clear memory of the town’s layout, and my attempt to find what I thought was a nice café (it wasn’t that great in the end).

petrol station in Rabat

narrow alleyway

me in a circular mirror

After lunch we headed into Mdina itself.

bright blue door

plant pot in the sun

ramp and steps

woman and child eating icecream on the steps

bicycles under a streetlight

outer wall of Mdina

After Mdina we got the bus to Marsaxlokk to meet my parents for coffee and a wander about.

stowed blue sunshades and outdoor seating at a café

yellow painted tyre on boat prow

shadows of fishing buoys on the side of a boat

colourful fishing boats in Marsaxlokk bay

Finally we all headed to Marsaskala for dinner.

tax documents behind bus windscreen

Mum waiting on the other side of the road

low sun over Marsaskala

man fishing in Marsaskala bay

Zoe with a box of huge strawberries

So that was day 3, rather a full one!