Monday 7th April 2014

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Even though it’s not really a fishing village, lots of people in Birżebbuġa own boats.


The town is pretty small and quiet, so if you’re after somewhere like that, I’d recommend it for a holiday. From around the start of April, the weather starts getting comfortably warm; before that it can be quite cold even when the sky is cloudless.

palm trees and lamp posts by Pretty Bay

As mentioned in the previous post, today’s destination is Rabat. I’d been told that it was originally the capital of Malta, but it’s just a suburb of Mdina, the actual ex-capital. I went with my parents and as usual we had lunch at a café, this time in the parish square.

Rabat parish church

Also as usual, a cat showed up to scrounge food, and was kind enough to sit still for a portrait.

portrait of a scrounger cat

Lunch eaten, we headed out to explore the town. Like many others in Malta, the streets are very narrow, with buildings right up to the edge and few pavements.

postbox and street in Rabat

slow sign on Rabat street

residential collonade on a side street


streetside fuel stop

tour train

After a while my parents and I split up, since they were getting a little tired, so I went off to look around Mdina. On the way, I found a little bird sitting on a street bench!

colourful bird

Before going in to Mdina, I wandered round the outside a little first. The walls are pretty high, which I guess was to keep invaders at bay.

outer gardens around Mdina

road around Mdina

There’s a nice little park area too, with an excellent view over a valley to Mġarr and out over the eastern coast.

valley viewI had to wait about 10 minutes for the clouds to cooperate for this picture

Next it was time to head into the city itself. It’s quite a popular tourist destination, and there are several guys offering horse-drawn carriage tours.

tourists outside Mdina

Inside, the streets are even narrower, and the buildings loom over everything.

lamps along narrow streets of Mdina

sky above narrow streets

plants growing up the side of a building with a blue door

Despite the size of the streets, people still drive their cars down them when needed.

cars parked in Mdina

frilly street sign

After Mdina, I met up again with my parents and we headed back to the flat, where I spent the rest of the day being lazy and reading.