Friday 4th April 2014

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The long bus journeys of the previous day gave me plenty of time to peruse the Holiday Bus Map and decide where to go next.

Holiday Bus MapHoliday Bus Map

Ta’Qali crafts village sounded interesting, so that was today’s destination. As the map shows, there’s no direct bus from Birżebbuġa so I had to go via Valletta, which thankfully didn’t really take too long. The weather forecast for the day looked promising, and turned out to be mostly accurate: warm, with occasional cloud.

For some silly reason I didn’t get off the bus at the Ta’Qali stop so I had to walk back from the next one, which luckily wasn’t too far. It did give me an opportunity to enjoy the weather and scenery a little more.

dried cactusDried out cactus

The bus to the Ta’Qali interchange also goes to Mdina, and the walled city is visible across the fields from the road that leads from the bus stop to the craft village itself.

Mdina from the road to Ta’QaliMdina, from the road to Ta’Qali

Upon arrival at the village, I saw a sign for the Malta Air Museum, and given the style of many of the buildings here, I guessed the place used to be a military base, a notion proved correct by the Wikipedia page for Ta’Qali.

old buildings in Ta’Qali

Ta’Qali building with grassy roof

dog on a chain

It took me a while to reach the Air Museum, as it’s on the far side of the village from the bus stop, and when I got there I changed my mind about going in – I’d agreed to meet my parents in Valletta at 13:30, and honestly, I can see planes in a museum in England, so I decided to explore the village some more instead.

Malta Air Museum

parked van

colourful building

Dragon Forge

I’m glad I did explore, because I found a shop selling silver filigree jewellery, and decided to get something for Zoe.

silver filigree necklace

By then it was almost time to head off, so after a quick cappucino in a local café I walked back to the bus stop and got the bus into Valletta to meet my parents. They had the idea to go for lunch at a café they knew of in St Julians, which was fine by me.

boats at St Julians

The cafe was apparently home to a very friendly cat, one eager for any scraps of food, and tame/bold enough that it jumped on to my mum’s lap briefly at one point.

eager cat

The food was really nice, too – the burger I got was enormous, and home-made.

Cuba burger

And that concludes Wednesday, my 4th day in Malta.