Tuesday 8th April 2014

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My last full day in Malta, and it was a lazy one – I got up late, and didn’t really go anywhere adventurous, instead opting to go to Marsaxlokk again for lunch with my parents. Before that, though, I went for a walk around Birżebbuġa since I’d not really explored it much yet.

backlit street

sidelit postbox

fruit seller

newly-built house

fishing by the port

rocky waterfront

Pretty Bay sign

dog looking down from balcony

Walk done, I headed to Marsaxlokk, and this time got off the bus a little earlier so I could walk along more of the waterfront.

two blue boats

fuel pumps and boat

plush dog on a blue boat

boat battery charging station

outdoor café tables

red floats on boats

small statue in an alcove on a street corner

red doors in yellow building

boat undergoing maintenance

That’s it, really, for Saturday – I think by this point of the holiday I was much more relaxed and willing to sit around not doing much, enough that I even managed to catch some sunburn on my hands and arms because we were sitting outside for so long chatting after lunch.

Tomorrow, my last day! After that, I’ll have a short (maybe) post with my thoughts on the X-E1/XF35 combo I used for all of these pictures.