Saturday 22nd of April 2017

Last time I went to Malta I never visited Gozo, the island to the north-west. Time to rectify that! After a rather long bus journey from one end of Malta to the other, we arrived at the ferry terminal at Ċirkewwa, and joined the rather long queue.

ferry vehicle loading

Zoe on the ferry to Gozo

The ferry ride itself is about half an hour, so it wasn’t too long before we were in Victoria, the largest town on the island. There we had some lunch (I got a really tasty seafood risotto) then bought a tour bus ticket and decided our first stop would be Dwejra on the north-west coast, site of the former Azure Window.

man taking a picture in Victoria

road leading into Dwejra

lizard on a rock

Landrover parked by a boat

There’s a place here called the Inland Sea that seems to be a popular place for SCUBA diving.

tunnel leading from the Inland Sea to the Mediterranean

SCUBA gear on the back of a truck

rock pools

watchtower in the distance

view of watchtower through a small pile of rocks

We spent about two hours at Dwejra, exploring the rock formations and generally wandering around, then since it was getting quite late by that time, decided we’d head back, with a quick stop at Ta’Dbiegi crafts village. We found a cool metalworker’s shop, selling all sorts of decorative sculptures, including a lovely pendant that I ended up buying for Zoe.

metal heart-shaped pendant

bench and lamp at the crafts village

Once we’d seen all there was to see at Ta’Dbiegi we got the next bus back to Victoria, then on to the ferry terminal at Mġarr, to head back home. Unfortunately lots of other people seemed to have the same idea, so I had to stand up the whole way back to the ferry :(

man in a yellow t-shirt on the ferry

looking out over the side of the ferry towards the sun

Further misfortune once we got the bus from Ċirkewwa: it was also packed, and although we managed to get a seat it was really hot and the air conditioning wasn’t working. Also it was rush hour, so we were on the bus nearly three hours. By the time we eventually got back to the flat we were exhausted!

sun shining in the rear window of the bus from Ċirkewwa to Valletta