Saturday 16th May 2015

Not that long ago I said I was finally getting comfortable with the ‘normal’ field of view, in the same way that after a year of owning an X100 I got comfortable with that camera’s ‘wide normal’ view.

I’m now also feeling a similar thing to what I felt before I caved and bought my X-E1: constraint, and perhaps boredom. Perhaps it’s part of the point of this exercise, to face these feelings and then overcome them, I don’t know. I do know, however, that I’ve been thinking more and more lately about giving in and using the perfectly fine 18 – 55mm zoom, although I realise now I’m conveniently forgetting about how much bigger and heavier it is than the 35mm. I’ve become used to wearing the camera on a neck strap, and the 35 is just light enough for this to be tolerable, but I think the 18 – 55 might be pushing it.

It’s a bit academic anyway, since I don’t intend to actually give in. I want to see where these feelings take me; to see if I can either overcome them, or produce work I’m happy with in spite of them. To be honest, that’s not happened much these past two weeks: I’ve kind of been phoning it in, not even going out to shoot most days. You can probably tell from the pictures, and the lateness of these posts.

Must try harder.

pegs pegs

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sunset sunset

lighthouse lighthouse

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weathered goblin weathered goblin