Sunday 13th of March 2016

Oops. I seem to have missed a week!

Honestly, there’s no good reason for this, just a combination of forgetfulness and lack of motivation; that week, I really didn’t get out to take pictures much. Fortunately, this week was rather more productive: not only did I manage to get out for a few early morning walks, today Zoe and I went to Framlingham Castle!

That last time she was there the market was on, so Zoe brought back some delicious brownies and cheesecakes, but alas this time (being a Sunday) there was no market. Still, it was a very enjoyable visit, and I got a load pictures, even using my sorely neglected 14mm quite a bit.

melting ice

electrical substation

chain-link fence and gate

country car garage

Dunwich Heath footpath

Framlingham Castle interior

Framlingham Castle walls 2

Framlingham Castle prison tower ruins